Waiting List Meeting 9/7/2017


DHS / DDS Waiting List Meeting

Oklahoma State Capitol Complex

Sequoyah Memorial Office Building C-47

Thursday, September 7, 2017

1:30 PM

Working Application Date February 2006

Attendees: 22

Represented in attendance:

7 – Parent or Family Member

2 – Self-Advocate (person with a disability)


2 – OHCA (Health Care Authority)

1 – State Representative

2 – Candidate for State Senate & Campaign manager

3 – Community Partners


Representing those on the Waiting List – 2

First Time Attendees – 6

Locations represented – Del City, Norman, Tulsa, Mustang, Oklahoma City, Moore, Ada, Yukon, Blanchard

Community agencies, programs or organizations represented: Center for Learning and Leadership/OK UCEDD, Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Sooner SUCCESS, TARC, United Healthcare


DHS Update including budget – Director Lake was called away before the meeting to discuss the current budget issues for DHS so Mr. Mark Jones presented in his place. Mr. Jones explained why the Oklahoma’s Governor was calling for a Special Session.  Mr. Jones explained that in the last legislative session there was a cigarette fee that passed at the very end of session. The funds that would be coming from that fee was divided between OHCA (Medicaid), ODMHSA (Dept. of Mental Health) and DHS. The cigarette fee was challenged in the court to be unconstitutional. The Oklahoma Supreme Court determined that the cigarette fee was unconstitutional.  Mr. Jones continued to explain that the DHS budget was balanced with the understanding that the funds from this fee would be available and provide for DHS. Because this fee is no longer available, DHS would be challenged to reduce their budget by $68 million. That would eliminate many of the needed programs DHS offers.  If the state decided to “stretch” the revenue loss across all state agencies, not just the agencies listed in the cigarette bill, this would cause DHS to reduce their budget by 3.17%.  Either way will be damaging to DHS and the services they provide. Mr. Jones said that the Oklahoma House leadership and the OK Senate leadership asked all agencies to present back to them what the each state agency would do with different funding cut scenarios. Mr. Jones said is not in the place to present that at this time. He did say all scenarios are bad and especially bad to those receiving DDS supports. [We later learn that the elimination of the In-Home Supports Waiver was on all scenarios presented]  At this time, Mr. Jones says DHS is waiting to hear what comes out of the Special Legislative Session.


Waiting List Breakdown

Waiting List Breakdown by County


Next Meeting

Thursday, December 7, 2017

1:30 pm

Sequoyah Building Room C-47

2400 N. Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK