September 11, 2014 Meeting Notes



DHS / DDS Waiting List Meeting

Thursday – September 11, 2014

1:30 PM

Working Application January 2006

Attendees: 30

Represented in attendance:

13 – Parent or Family Member

1 – Self-Advocate (person with a disability)

1 – Governor’s Office

1 – Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel Chair


1 – OHCA (Health Care Authority)

1 – Department of Rehabilitative Services

4 – Agency supporting those with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma

1 – Gubernatorial Candidate staff

Representing those on the Waiting List – 8

First Time Attendees – 5

Locations represented – Norman, Noble, Oklahoma City, Mustang, Broken Bow, Duncan and Moore

Community agencies, programs or organizations represented: Center for Learning and Leadership/OK UCEDD, Oklahoma LEND, SoonerSUCCESS, Oklahoma SibShops, Office of Disability Concerns, Putnam City Schools, Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Duncan Group Homes, Oklahoma Family Network, Oklahoma Developmental Disability Council

 Waiting List Update – JoAnne Goin, DDS Director, discussed the number of people served because of the most recent legislative appropriations to address the waiting list.  There were 130 added to waiver services. They are working application date January 2006 and will be working applications at a rate of about 30 a month until they use the full amount appropriated. Ms. Goin also discussed the closing of the two state run institutions, Northern Oklahoma Resource Center, Enid (NORCE) and Southern Oklahoma Resource Center in Pauls Valley, (SORC).  They anticipate to have all of the residents living at NORCE moved by the end of the year and hope to have the last few at SORC moved within a few months. She reported that the transitions to the community have had a few hic-ups but are moving as projected.



Family Questions & Comments

A provider from Duncan brought messages received by her agency over the past week or so:

  1. 55 year old man supported by a 90 year old mother who broke her hip
  2. 30 year old man who is supported by his mom who has stage 4 cancer. Hospice has been recommended by the mom’s doctor
  3. Mother who has a 17 year old son in an out of school residential school. The son will be turning 18 and graduating in December and she needs a residential placement when he comes home.
  4. An adult sibling called about her elderly mom and sister who has Down Syndrome currently lives in Missouri but will be moving back to Oklahoma so she can assist with care of the mom and sister. She needs information and her sister is not on the Waiting List.

A parent spoke about his 24 year old son who uses a wheelchair for mobility. He spoke about three issues affecting his son: 1) bath chair broke and SoonerCare has denied request to purchase a replacement. 2) His son needs new AFO (splints for ankles) and SoonerCare has denied coverage for these orthotics. 3) Dental coverage just to repair cavities

A mom from Canadian County spoke of her 25 year old daughter who requires constant care talked about being a single mom and trying to take care of her daughter and work to support them both. Her daughter is on adult SoonerCare and receives SSI.  She had a difficult time talking about their issues and challenges due to periotic stops for crying. She did tell us about the high stress, challenges and cost to pay for her daughter’s prescription medication with the 6 prescription limitation SoonerCare has for adults. There was no offer of support or assistance given to this mom when she finished speaking.

Another parent from Broken Bow has a daughter who is seven years old daughter who has severe developmental and medical disabilities and challenges. This is a single living in a small house. They are a nurse and the daughter is on SoonerCare through the TEFRA qualification process. They are in extreme need for architectural modification so that she can request and use a Hoyer lift. The bathroom is too small for the lift to fit and so is the daughter’s bedroom.

One more issue brought up was the cost of the psychological examination that is cover by DDS for those applying for DDS, but for those applying for TEFRA this exam must be at the cost of the family. JoAnne Goin said that DDS pays their contracted psychologist $350 per exam. It was suggested that OHCA contract with psychologist for the same purpose regardless of who pays for the service.

All the issues mentioned by families, except one, were addressed by JoAnne Goin, DDS, and Lori Kann, OHCA.  I would like to thank both of you for offering to help these families and following up with them after the meeting.

Next Meeting – Tulsa!

Thursday, December 11, 2014 @ 1:30PM

Skyline East Building – 3rd Floor Conference Room

6128 E. 38th Street

Tulsa, Oklahoma