June 23, 2015 Meeting Notes



DHS / DDS Waiting List Meeting

Tuesday – June 23, 2015

1:30 PM

Working application date: January 20, 2006

Attendees: 30

Represented in attendance:

18 – Parent or Family Member

4 – Self-Advocate (person with a disability)


1 – OHCA (Health Care Authority)

Representing those on the Waiting List – 13

First Time Attendees – 9

Locations represented – Norman, Noble, Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Moore, Tulsa, Edmond

Community agencies, programs or organizations represented: Center for Learning and Leadership/OK UCEDD, Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Oklahoma Family Network, Project Special Courage, Dungarvin, Inc., Oklahoma Infant Transition Program


Answer one question:  For those waiting or those working with families who are waiting, name one thing of great importance the person needs right now? Or what is the person waiting for? Responses are as follows:

Need Now: Need in the future:
After school childcare Help with transition from high school to job or employment (four responded with this answer)
Weekend childcare Support for Independent living
HTS services Better life choices with support in community
Speech therapy Internships, vocational training
Specialized life skills coaching Opportunities and life choices for all family members
Safety training Care for grandkids
Summer care Security for children after death of primary caregivers
Educational/ job training
Information and emotional support
Extended School Year
ABA therapy
Internships, vocational training


DHS Update – Ed Lake, DHS Director spoke about the dismal budget DHS is challenge with this year. He reported that with the increase in need and the decrease in the federal match, they are facing a $11.8M shortfall. He said in their budget the Pinnacle plan has an earmark of $15.9M. He also reported that for the past few years DHS has requested added funds to address the DDS Waiting. This is the first time in more than three years for the state legislature to not have funds allocated specifically to address those waiting. He said DHS has not come to a complete decision on how they will address the short fall, but some items on the table is a reduction in provider rates and a reduction in administrative cost and overhead.

***It was determined after this meeting that DHS will cut provider rates by a 3.5%***

Waiting List Update – JoAnne Goin, DDS Director, reported there are 7,132 Oklahomans on the DDS Waiting List. They are still working application date Jan. 20, 2006. They have completely spend the last appropriated $1M allocated from the state legislature from 2014 session. She reports they are only working emergency which typically comes from children placed in state custody of the child welfare system.

JoAnne also reported that at this time they only have on resident at the Southern Oklahoma Resource Center (state funded institution). She said this individual is currently working on a transition into the community.

Questions for JoAnne regarding the emergency movement to waivers: she said that when Child Welfare request waiver service or the child is usually on the waiting list they will move them to waivers.  She also said there are times the child might be in the hospital and then transition to state custody, they will receive waiver. A parent asked about is there allotted slots for each waiver, and she said it is based on funds available.



SoonerCare offering diapers, wipes and disposable briefs to children under 21 – Lori Kann, Member Services Manager, Oklahoma Health Care Authority: Lori brought some great and needed information to the Waiting List Meeting. This is offered to any child on SoonerCare that meets the medical necessity requirement. A child between the age of 4 and 20 can apply. Their doctor will need to fill out a prior authorization form, HCA-52. Then it will need to be sent to the state vendor, People First Industries (PFI) in Durant, OK. At that time, PFI will then begin the process to get authorization from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. PFI may call the family to get more information or the doctor. Children could qualify for diapers or pull-ups along with wipers for personal hygiene care. Families who have questions are welcome to call People First Industries at 1-866-895-9956.

It was asked how outreach was made regarding the changes since SSI-DCP or waivers had been previously offering this type of support. Lori reported that OHCA did a targeted outreach to those already known to the system. They looked at and contacted all children receive incontinence supports through SSI-DCP or children’s IHSW. She said they plan to do outreach and possibly training to physicians across the state.

Someone else asked how long she felt prior authorization would take. Lori expects about 48 hours.

Family Questions & Comments:

One parent asked if there was a possible way for outreach is given to those on the Waiting List or receiving SoonerCare through TEFRA. It was said that people can receive information by connecting with the Facebook page of OK Parnters in Policymaking, or the OK TEFRA Families group if a person is on TEFRA or applying for TEFRA.

It was also discussed that the Oklahoma Disability Law Center can help families and individuals with noncriminal legal issues. Anything from Medicaid challenges to waiver or civil rights and the ADA.

Another family asked if there is a place where families and individuals can discuss “customer service” issues with any of the state funded program or services. It was said that no known place, meeting or gathering has been defined or described as this type of meeting.

Next Meeting – Oklahoma City

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sequoyah Building – Capitol Complex

Room C-47 (Basement)

1:30 pm