March 21, 2013 Meeting Notes

OKDHS / DDSD Waiting List Meeting

Thursday – March 21, 2013

1:30 PM

7112 waiting

Working application date: November 5, 2004


60 in attendance

Represented in attendance:

30 – Parent or Family Member

9 – Self-Advocate (person with a disability)

1 – Governor’s Office

1 – Senate Staff


5 – Oklahoma Health Care Authority

6 – Agencies supporting those with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma

20 – First time attendees

Representing someone on the Waiting List – 21

Locations represented – Oklahoma City, Yukon, Edmond, Norman, Noble, Del City, Hobart, Stillwater, Depew, Duncan, Moore, Tulsa

Agency/Organizations represented: Oklahoma Infant Transition Program, Oklahoma Family Support 360 Program with the Center for Learning and Leadership/UCEDD @ OUHSC, Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Oklahoma Foundations for the Disabled, Oklahoma People First, Excel Special Service, Oklahoma Autism Network, Oklahoma SoonerSUCCESS, Dynasty Care Service, Searchlight, Oklahoma Family Network, Duncan Group Homes, Oklahoma Community Providers, Big Five Community Services, Oklahoma Public Schools,


Katie Altshuler, policy director for Governor Mary Fallin, announced that Governor Fallin just signed an executive order creating the Blue Ribbon Panel charged with looking at ways to address the DDSD Waiting List.  To read the Governor’s press release click HERE

Ms. Altshuler also spoke said that Gov. Fallin has also created a Task Force to look at employment for Oklahomans with disabilities. This is partnership with Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitative Services, and they will be looking at how promote and support business in hiring individuals with disabilities.

Director Ed Lake welcomed everyone to the meeting. He said he is learning a lot about disability services in Oklahoma and looks forward to learning more from the families at this meeting.

JoAnne Goin, DDSD Director, newly appointed DDSD Director. She explained she has been the Area II for many years and that she helped with the Hissom transition.

Ms. Goin said they are currently working application date November 5, 2004. She handed out information about a new web portal that allows those on the DDSD waiting list to update current information so that when their name comes to the top of the list, making contact would be smooth.

She reported that as of this date, DDSD has add 142 individuals to the DDSD waivers and 119 have been added to the waiting list. They reported that they DDSD has used more than half of the appropriate million dollars from the last legislative session. Marie Moore, with DDSD, reports that locating individuals after being on the waiting list for over eight years is the greatest challenge they are having. She reported that only 6 out of about 100 have not qualified for the waiver services for either Medicaid eligibility or the diagnostic requirement.

JoAnne Goin also brought information and applications for the Respite Voucher Program, and encouraged everyone on the waiting list to consider using this resource to give respite themselves and their loved ones respite while you wait. Ms. Goin also reported that as of right now, DHS has extra funds to support the respite vouchers.

You can get more information at this Letter

Click here for the Download – Respite Voucher Application 01-28-13

Explanation of the Waiting List Breakdown

Current DDSD Waiting List Breakdown Waiting List Breakdown_010713

DDSD Waiting List Breakdown by Counties_Summary of waiting list 010713

Family Questions & Comments

There was several thoughts and questions brought up at this meeting. One family talked about the challenge they continue to have the TEFRA application process. One person suggested that someone start trying to make contact with those on the waiting list so their contact information can be current. It was mentioned that DDSD has partnered with the Oklahoma Family Network to connect new parents calling into DDSD with other parents who have children with disabilities.