June 6, 2013 Meeting Notes


OKDHS / DDSD Waiting List Meeting

Thursday – June 6, 2013

1:30 PM

                7076 waiting_2

Working Application Date: February 3, 2005

32 in attendance

Represented in attendance:

12 – Parent or Family Member

3 – Self-Advocate (person with a disability)

1 – House of Representatives

1 – Oklahoma Senate


1 – Oklahoma Health Care Authority

6 – Agencies supporting those with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma

4 – First time attendees

Representing someone on the Waiting List – 6

Locations represented – Norman, Stillwater, Duncan, Oklahoma City, Noble, Edmond, Del City,

Agency/Organizations represented: Center for Learning and Leadership/UCEDD @ OUHSC, Oklahoma Foundations for the Disabled, Oklahoma People First, Excel Special Service, Oklahoma Developmental Disability Council,  SoonerSUCCESS, Dynasty Care Service, Oklahoma Family Network, Duncan Group Homes,  Big Five Community Services, Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel,


OKDHS Appropriates –  Ed Lake, OKDHS Director

Director Lake talked about the appropriation from 54th Oklahoma Legislative session. He said that DHS was appropriated $44 million to continue to support the Pinnacle Plan for the Child Welfare program. Additionally, there was an $8 million appropriation to enhance provider rates. This was shared between DDSD providers and Aging Providers. He explained that this year the larger amount of the $8 million would be going to DDS providers with the requirement 70% must go to direct care staff. This can be in the form of benefits, or higher pay rate.

Director Lake continued by saying that the legislature appropriated $1 million to address the DDS waiting list. He said this was accomplished with the support of Gov. Mary Fallin, Sen. Kim David, Sen. Clark Jolley, Rep. Scott Martin and Rep. Jason Nelson.

*** Note from coordinator, I would like to thank the Oklahoma 54th Session Legislators for continuing to recognize the need of those on the DDSD waiting list. ***

Waiting List Update – JoAnne Goin, DDSD Director

Ms. Goin, spoke about how the appropriation from this legislation and last year’s appropriation was slowly moving the waiting list. They are working application from Feb. 3, 2005 and the waiting list is currently at 7,076 as of May 20th. She reported that 168 were added to DDSD waiver services, and of those 67 were worked in chronological order off the waiting list and 35 were added for emergency or for children in state custody through child welfare.

Ms. Goin continued by explaining those who came off the waiting list but did not receive waiver services;

1 – No Response or unable to contact

1 – OHCA denied (level of care)

1 – Social Security income above

9 – Family Support Subsidy chose over waiver services

2 – Chose to remain in ICF/MR

1 – Refused

Ms. Goin reported that of the first million dollars about ½ has been used. She also said DDSD currently had about 180 applications in the “working” process. She said they plan to increase the number of applications worked per month.

She said that the In-Take office handles about 350 calls from families looking for resources while they wait.

Waiting List Breakdown April 2013

Waiting List Breakdown by County

Oklahoma Respite Voucher Program – Darren Thompson, OKDHS

The Respite Voucher program offers vouchers to families who have a loved one with disabilities. You can find the application for the Voucher Program here.

The amount of the vouchers depend on the family’s income and the income must be under $60,000 annually. The amount for families who make $0 – $45,000 the amount is $400 quarterly. For the families whose income is between $45,000 – $60,000 the voucher amount is $300, quarterly. When sending a the application you will need to include the most recent income tax return form or a letter from the Social Security Administration, birth certificate and social security card. You will also need a letter from a psychologist showing your child has a intellectual disability. Mr. Thompson did say they would accept a report from the school psychometrist and the Sooner Start assessment.  Once approved your child will qualify for a year, but the vouchers will only be sent quarterly. Once you receive the vouchers they are only good for 90 days. When the quarter is over, you will need to contact the respite voucher program to assure the next quarter’s vouchers will be sent.

There were several questions from parents who wanted to know if the vouchers could be used in different ways. When asked about using the vouchers for adult day programs, Mr. Thompson said that would be an acceptable use. When asked if they could be used for an after school program for a grandparent raising a grandchild with disabilities, Mr. Thompson said yes, too. One parent asked if there was a list of individuals or centers that accepted the respite vouchers, he said there is no list available at this time. Mr. Thompson also mentioned there are some home health agencies that accept the respite vouchers for children with higher support needs.

Family Questions & Comments

Questions continued about the Respite Voucher program, which was listed above.

One parent asked about Self-Directed Services (SDS) for those coming off the waiting list. It was confirmed that families who are going to choose the SDS option when their loved ones come off the waiting list, the parent must go through the SDS training. The next training was scheduled for August.

Lastly, it was announced at the Waiting List Meeting that a true supporter of the DDSD Waiting List Meeting would be leaving DDSD to take a new job at her synagogue.  Ann Dee Lee will be missed at DDSD and by families who have been supported by Ann Dee and her willingness to continue to shine a light on the DDSD Waiting List. Thank you Ann Dee for always working to bring attention to the list. You will be missed but wishing you the best in your new adventure.

Next Waiting List Meeting:

Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013

Sequoyah Memorial Office Building

Capitol Complex – Room C-47

1:30 pm