December 12, 2013 Meeting Notes


DHS / DDS Waiting List Meeting

Thursday – December 12, 2013

1:30 PM


Working application Date: Sept. 2005

Attendees: 25

Represented in attendance:

15 – Parent or Family Member

3 of the family members are from the Disability Issues Citizens Advisory Panel for DHS

3 – Self-Advocate (person with a disability)


1 – OHCA (Health Care Authority)

1 – Agency supporting those with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma

Representing those on the Waiting List – 12

Locations represented – Owasso, Tulsa, Tahlequah, Oklahoma City, Jenks, Haskell, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Norman, Depew

Update on DHS – Mark Jones, Director of Community Living and Support Services

DHS continues to make administrative structural changes to the agency. They have recently hired for Chief of Staff. The director continues to be engaged with the progress of the Resource Center closings and transitions along with the working of the waiting list. The director welcomes comments and concerns by contacting him and his staff through “Ask Ed

Additionally, Diana McCalment, Chair of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Disability Issues Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP) mentioned that the CAP is another way to interact and share your family’s story or situation with any service that affects individuals with disabilities. She gave the dates of the 2014 CAP meetings and said as of right now they are all planned to be in OKC, but would post all meetings with the Secretary of state website.

DHS   Disability Issues Citizen Advisory Panel

2014 Meeting Dates

January   23, 2014July   24, 2014February   20, 2014August   21, 2014March   27, 2014September   25, 2014April   24, 2014October   23, 2014May   22, 2014November   13, 2014June   19, 2014December   11, 2014

Waiting List Update – JoAnne Goin, DDS Director – Waiting List Breakdown link

JoAnne Goin said the current number of the waiting list is 6,998 and they are working applications from Sept. 2005. She reported the DDS has increased the reimbursement to providers who are doing the psychological examination for people coming off the list. They also added 19 new providers to the list of contracted providers to do the evaluations needed for qualifications. This has improved the length of time for those coming off the list to receiving service. JoAnne also talked about her staff sending out letters to those who are within one year from the date of working application, to encourage people to apply for Social Security Disability to possibly speed up the time of processing those coming off the list. She said there are still people who don’t know they qualify, so they want to make sure they get that information. JoAnne also mentioned that SoonerCare now has an online application process for those who would qualify for SoonerCare due to the family’s income. It was also mentioned that the someone who wants or needs a paper application, they can still receive that, they will just need to call the OHCA main line. JoAnne wanted to remind people of the information needed to “work” their application and encouraged families to go ahead and get some of the items to speed up the process. Items needed are birth certificate, social security card, current IEP or the last IEP for adults, if you still have access. She also mentioned that anyone on the waiting list needs to keep their application information current and revised often to assure that your loved one can be located when their name comes to the top.

Family Questions & Comments

There was a parent there whose child was not on the waiting list and there was some discussion of what it takes to qualify, i.e. an IQ score of 70 or below and meet a certain level of delay compared to others of the same age.  There was some discussion of Department of Rehabilitative services and if they would be able to help an individual. They were encouraged to contact DRS and get more information. There was another family who had thought her child had lost Medicaid eligibility while she waited. The Health Care Authority had a community representative staff member attending who was able to help this parent make a needed connection to continue their SoonerCare eligibility.

Next Meeting

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sequoyah Building – Capitol Complex

Room C-47 (basement)

1:30 pm