June 21, 2012 Meeting Notes


OKDHS / DDSD Waiting List Meeting

Sequoyah Memorial Office Building C-47

Thursday – June 21, 2012

1:30 PM

6756 Waiting

Working application date: July 7, 2004

32 in attendance

Represented in attendance:

21 – Parent or Family member


1 – Oklahoma Health Care Authority

4 – Agencies supporting those with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma

1 – Medical Student

First time attendees – 9

Representing someone on the Waiting List – 11

Locations represented – Norman, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Tulsa, Stillwater, Kingfisher, Mustang, Midwest City, Anadarko, Noble, Pryor, Jenks, Guthrie

Agency/Organizations represented: Center for Learning and Leadership/UCEDD @ OUHSC, Oklahoma People First, Oklahoma SoonerSUCCESS, Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council – Oklahoma Partners in Policymaking, Oklahoma Parent Center, Oklahoma Autism Network, Excel Learning Center, Excel Special Services, Apex Inc. Goodwill Industries, Rescare, Noble Public School, Oklahoma Disability Law Center.

  1. OKDHS update – Mark Jones, OKDHS Chief Coordinating Officer

Mr. Jones reported on the search for a new Director of OKDHS. He said they had two candidates from their national search but continue to search nationally for the right person. He was asked about what will happen due to the vote of the people in November. Mr. Jones explained that there was a “Resolution” passed in the last legislative session. This was House Joint Resolution 1092 (HJR 1092). With the passing of this resolution it allows the citizens of Oklahoma to vote to keep or abolish the DHS Commission. In this same resolution it also would move the hiring of the OKDHS director out of the DHS Commission’s authority and to the authority of the Governor. He explained again that because the Commission and the authority of the DHS Commission in written in the Oklahoma Constitution, the only way to repeal or remove it, must be a vote of the people. He said at this time he did not know the State Question number (updated information – SQ 765)

In addition to explain about the HJR 1092, Mr. Jones continued to explain how HB 3137 could affect OKDHS and DDSD. He explained that with the passing of HB 3137 it is established that if the state question passes (the abolishment of the DHS Commission and all their authority) that this bill would establish four “Citizen Advisory Councils”. The four councils would be: Administration, Disability, Aging and Children/Family.

  1. Update on the Waiting List – Gwen McClain, DDSD Deputy Director

Ms. McClain reported that the current number of the waiting list is 6757 and the application date is July 7, 2004. Ms. McClain also talked about the funds handed down for the legislature with the passing of SB 1979. She said this bill gave $1 million to support those on the Waiting List. She said they estimate that remove 200 people off the list. She also explained that DDSD has established and tracking method so that a report of how the appropriated funds were used. In addition to the appropriations for the Waiting List, SB 1979 also allowed for an additional $1.5 million to increase the provider rates for DDSD services.

  1. Self-Directed Services (SDS) – Lisa DeBolt – parent

Lisa DeBolt from Jenks, Ok spoke about the Self-Directed Service option for individuals receive services through the In-Home Supports Waiver. Ms. DeBolt told use that her son was on the SDS pilot and moved to the SDS option when it was joined with the IHSW. She explained that the SDS option is an option where the parent or a chosen person will be the “employer of record” and will take the place of the agency on the regular waiver. She said this leaves the responsibility of hiring and firing, and even locating staff to the parent. While this option does allow for more flexibility in the pay rate, there is still some limits and restrictions. The SDS option is only for “Goods and Services” when prescribed and written with outcomes and goals that can be measured and tracked. She also mentioned that the parent or employer of record would be responsible for assuring all the needed paper work is turned into DDSD. This is usually performed by the agency. Ms. DeBolt she preferred SDS for her son’s HTS due to the fact she could pay a higher rate per hour than the agencies because she’s not burdened with the cost of agency overhead. She did say that there is an agent who does the payroll withholding and such, and that comes out of the hourly rate. She said that the required training for HTS staff can be paid by the IHSW, too. Each staff is required, the same as if they worked for an agency, to have CPR/First Aid prior to working with an individual.

  1. Next Meeting

Thursday, September 27, 2012

1:30 PM

Location to be determined