February 4, 2010 Meeting Notes


Represented in attendance:


12 – Parent, Family member or Self advocate

2 – Agency

1 – Oklahoma House of Representatives

4 First time attendees (2 – Waiting & 2 – Receiving DDSD Services)

Locations represented – Norman, Jenks, OKC, Edmond, Duncan and Anadarko

Agency/Organizations represented: Center for Learning & Leadership/UCEDD, Oklahoma Infant Transition Program, Apex, Duncan Group Homes, OUHSC Early Foundations, Oklahoma SoonerSUCCESS, Oklahoma SibShops and Oklahoma Family Network

Status of the Waiting List – Jim Nicholson

As of Jan 2010 there are 5,329 on the Waiting List

Waiting Time:

994 < 1 year

1,007 – 1 to 2 years

1,102– 2 to 3 years

2,226 > 3 years

Waiting List Services and Residency Breakdown 1_2010(1)

April 26, 2004 is the date of the application that is up when funding becomes available.

Self Directed Services progress for the In-Home Supports Waiver – Jim Nicholson

Jim Nicholson reported that the SDS policy has gone through the approval process of DDSD & OHDHS, it has also gone through the OHCA approval process as well. It was signed by the Governor in January. The request for proposal (bid) has been completed but has not been awarded.  Once the Financial Manager has been announced the training will begin.  All families or individuals interested in choosing Self Directing their supports and are on the In-Home Supports waiver, they will be required to attend the training. In addition, Mr. Nicholson said that you can only choose Self Direction when your yearly plan review comes around.

A Few Words From the Director – Howard Hendrick

Director Hendrick discussed once again the challenges his agency is facing with the continued budget shortfall.  He says as of this time, there are no cuts in DDSD services proposed. He did say budget reviews will continue until the states finances turn around.

Family Questions & Comments

One family asked if they were no longer moving individuals from the In-Home Supports Waiver to the Community Waiver. It was explained that the policy still stands but that the individual must utilize all other options before it could even be considered. Another parent mentioned that it’s not easy and that many of the families she talks to do not want to have to try out all the other options.

Another topic discussed was the number of children or school age students on the Waiting List who are receiving no services through any of the state offered assistance. Families asked Director Hendrick to consider other options to help those families, as after school care becomes a greater challenge as the student ages. It was also mentioned that once a child turns 18 they could qualify for SSI because their parent’s income is no longer factored in for income qualifications.

Schedule Next Meeting

Next Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 2:00